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Slurry/manure storage.

Silo's & Lagoons:

Our silos/tanks are ideally suited for the storage of slurry and liquid manure. The main components of the silo's and tanks are coated, galvanized steel panels, the bolts, washers and nuts, the non woven fleece for protection and the tankliner.

The silo's/tanks of are available in various diameters and heights with a capacity up to 4,000,000 liters.

On base of the tank diameter and the tank height a calculation will be made to determine the thickness of the steel panels.

To reduce the weight of the steel panels to the minimum and to obtain the maximum strength, with a special engineered machine the flat galvanized and powder coated steel plates will be corrugated and equipped with the holes for mounting the bolts. For the guaranty and to create of the storage tank, a tankliner must be installed.

Manure and slurry storage silos/tanks are guaranteed:
- Very conveniently priced.
- Super quality materials.
- Fast delivery.
- Easy to transport.
- No heavy foundation needed.
- Easy to move and remove.
- To install on almost every flat surface.
- Easy to assemble and install manually.

Foil Protection:

A manure/slurry resistant foil, which is very strong and has high chemical resistance, must be used when constructing a manure/slurry storage basin/lagoon/reservoir or pond to prevent the contamination of groundwater.

The following qualities are used:
- LDPE foil 1 mm or 0.80 mm thick in black unreinforced.
- PVC (manure quality) foil of 1 mm thick in black unreinforced.
- PVC reinforced polyester of 900, 1100 ore 1400gr m2 (manure quality) in green or grey.

The following designs and systems are possible:

Liners for Silo's and Tanks:

We manufacture and install manure/slurry liners to be used in manure/slurry storage silo/tanks in various diameters and heights. The liner hangs over the edge of the tank. The liner is attached to the tank with the aid of ratchets or cord for tensioning.

In consultation the liners can be delivered in the following grades:
- PVC reinforced polyester 850 gr/mtr2
- LDPE 1 mm thick unreinforced

Our liners are supplied, in consultation, complete with wall protection, ratchets and cord.

Floating covers

To cover the manure/slurry silo/tank, we also deliver floating covers. These covers are delivered, in consultation, with vents, HDPE tube, cord/rope for tensioning and mixing hatch. The materials used are, in consultation, unreinforced PVC 1 mm in black, unreinforced LDPE 080 or 1 mm thick in black or PVC reinforced polyester 850 gr/mtr2 either in green or grey colour.


PVC reinforced Tensioned roofs

In recent years we have delivered quite a few silo covers, made of reinforced PVC foil. Base material is a polyester fabric with a PVC coating on both sides 850 gr per m2. To be supplied in green or gray. This material is very durable.

We mainly supplies so-called tensioned covers. Suitable for steel, concrete or wooden silos. These tensioned covers are made exclusively of the aforementioned high-quality reinforced PVC. On the inside of the cover Trevira straps are welded to the canvas, which is mounted to the ridge on an RVS (stainless steel) ridge plate. Around this a valance with an open hem is welded, which is drawn over the silo edge. In order to tension the whole, the tube is slotted in it. Straps are attached to the tube which can be tensioned with or without the aid of ratchets.

The silo cover is further tensioned by a centre column, which can be ordered separately on request. This centre column can be made of PVC or hardwood, in further consultation. The silo cover is further provided with a man hole and a mixing hatch.

Our qualified engineers are available to assemble this structure for you.


after a long period of extensive testing, we developed a new cover for Tanks and Silo's the so-called "DL- Aircover". The DL-Aircover is extremely suitable as a top sealing of all type of Tanks and Silo's made of Steel, Wood or Concrete.

The DL-Aircover is made of very high quality Polyester reinforced PVC fabrics, approved by KIWA. For the stability and the support is under the DL-Aircover a telescopic middle column installed. The correct shape and the stable construction is created by a fan that blows air continuous under the cover.

Liners for basins/lagoons/reservoirs and ponds

Bottom layer, rectangular cover sheets in various sizes, virtually unlimited in size.
Top layer, in the same size as the bottom layer, with or without mixing hatch and vents.
These cover sheets can also be supplied in various grades. Reinforced or unreinforced PVC or LDPE.

Flex Bag

For temporary expansion of your manure storage capacity we developed a plastic bag named DL- FlexBag, suitable for the storage of liquid/manure.

These bags are easy to remove and to transport and to install at another location.

They are produced and welded in model with specially developed High-Frequent welding machinery equipment. Made of a polyester reinforced PVC fabrics material with a weight of 1150 grams per m2, this material has a huge tensile strength and meets the very highest demands.

The DL-FlexBags are available in various dimensions and a storage capacity of 50 m3 up to 350 m3 and can be installed anywhere on any flat surface.

We deliver the bags complete with breathers, fill and outlet with valves and sufficient anchorage points.

They are easy to fill and to empty and the last remainders can be rinsed out with water.


It is also possible that you can rent this "bag". We called it: "rolling and move". We can deliver it including transport. Don't hesitate to ask for the price.

Manure bags

The manure bag is delivered in a square or rectangular shape, in consultation, with an inspection hatch. Furthermore, in consultation, pipes and seals are included. The material is especially designed for manure storage and consists of a polyester fabric with a PVC coating. Total weight approximately 1100 gr m2. The seams are both thermally and high frequency welded.

The bags can be supplied with a capacity of 1000 m3. The whole can be assembled on site by us. To avoid being blown about by the wind, due to vacuum suction, the whole is tensioned and secured with traps and fastened with picket posts.

- Suitable for soft ground, aesthetic (environmentally less obtrusive)
- No rain in the manure (closed system)
- Easy to build
- No odour
- No need for planning permission
- Moveable
- U.V. (Sunlight) resistant
- Frost resistant to -30°C
- Acid and salt-resistant
- Long lifespan

Hendic Steel Water Tanks:

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